Назад к списку

Anniversary of the laboratory

April 2, 1962 was the starting point for our laboratory, because on that day, by order of the director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Academician B.A. Kazansky, Laboratory No. 19 was founded. 

At that time, the new structural division of the Institute was called the Laboratory of Monomers and Polymers, and a senior researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences Maj-Heinrich Augustovich Schwechheimer was appointed acting head of the laboratory.Then , from 1964 to 1995 , the laboratory was headed by a Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor . Lenor Ivanovich Khmelnitsky. In the period 1995-2021, the head of the laboratory was Nina Nikolaevna Makhova, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. Since 2021, the laboratory has been headed by Leonid Leonidovich Fershtat, Doctor of Chemical Sciences. 

 According to data for 2024, the laboratory has more than 35 employees and consists of more than 80% of young scientific personnel. Top scientific research continues to be carried out in the laboratory on the synthesis and reactivity of nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds of various classes, as well as the search for new pharmacologically active ingredients, high-energy structures and components of new functional materials.