Назад к списку

Scientific autumn conferences - 2022

This autumn, our scientific group was represented at various international and russian conferences. A. Larin and L. Fershtat participated in siberian tour of conferences. They took part in three conferences. Two of which were held in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk from 5 to 14 September. They presented the latest results in the chemistry of furoxans, as well as research on the synthesis and determination of special properties of high-energy nitrogen-containing heterocycles. These studies were carried out in cooperation with the staff of the Laboratory of Energy Materials of the N.N. Semenov Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moreover, student of our group F. Teslenko presented a report on the study of the homoaromaticity of verdazilium salts. Researcher A. Izmestyev, who presented a report on the topic new ways of directed isomerization of spirofused derivatives of imidazothiazolotriazine" This year the WSOC-2022 Markovnikov Readings were held in Sochi from 16 to 21 September.