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Amazing and comprehensive reviews

As a result, a large team of authors from the Institute of organic chemistry of the Russian Academy of Sciences managed to combine works in various areas of research in recent years. 

First review is a devoted to current trends in the chemistry of nitrogen-, oxygen-, and sulfur-containing monocyclic, polynuclear, and benzo (hetero) annelated heterocyclic compounds. The synthesis methods and chemical properties of derivatives of furazan, furoxan, thiazole, thiadiazole, dithiazole, thiophene, glycoluryl, imidazotriazine, diaziridine and other heterocycles are given. Read online


Second review is summarize most important results in the field of creating new high-energy N-, C-, and O-nitro compounds, and new environmentally friendly approaches to the synthesis of known compounds of this series used as components of energy-intensive compositions. Methods for the selective transformation of nitro compounds of various structures into valuable products of organic synthesis, primarily biologically active substances and intermediates for their preparation, are systematized. Read online 

 In these reviews, Dr. Sci. of the laboratory N.19 Gazieva G. A., Fershtat L. L., Kuznetsov V. V., as well as the head of the laboratory Makhova N. N were participated.