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Five-Membered Hetarene N-Oxides. Cover in Synthesis.

     Nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds are one of the most common and valuable structural frameworks in modern organic chemistry. Five- and six-membered N-heterocycles find many applications as medicines, agricultural products, data storage devices, various materials with valuable properties. In recent decades, considerable attention has been paid to the chemistry of heterocyclic N-oxides. Obviously, this is due to their unique reactivity, which differs significantly from N-heterocycles and opens up wide opportunities for obtaining a variety of organic compounds. 

      Researchers of the Laboratory of Nitrogen-containing Compounds of the ZIOC RAS L.L. Fershtat and Teslenko F.E. have published a review devoted to the latest achievements in the field of synthesis and reactivity of various types of non-annulated N-oxides of five-membered heterocycles. The published review is marked on the cover of the international journal Synthesis.