Назад к списку

Our research group in Sochi-2021

 Our research group arrived in Sochi as part of the visit two conferences. The first was the WSOC-2021 conference, where our group was represented by two graduate students Teslenko F.E. and Shuvaev A.D., as well as PhD student Chaplygin D.A., who was awarded for the best oral presentation.The second is the congress on the chemistry of heterocyclic compounds. The team was represented there by our head of the laboratory Fershtat L.L., leading researcher Gazieva G.A, researchers Larin A.A. and Izmest'ev A.N. and PhD students Bystrov D.M., Galochkin A.A, Vinogradov D.B., Vinogradova E.E. Many thanks to the organizing committee for holding the conference at a high level and excellent scientific atmosphere.